Mar 30, 2011

Posted by Jennifer Jones in Prayer

Trusting in the God of Hope

We’ve all experienced the shadow of death in our lives.  However, even our darkest hours are nothing compared to the crisis that Japan is currently facing.  Think about it. Your life is spared, but you have lost family, home, job, health and well being.  Even in my darkest hour, I have never faced anything like what many people in Japan are facing.   Where is hope?  Where is...

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Mar 25, 2011

Posted by Brandon Jones in Youth Leaders

34 Tips for Youth Leaders

1. Get to you know your youth by their first names. 2. Ride together for youth events. 3. Keep up to date with today’s worldly culture (or you will not know what to fight). 4. Keep consistency with your youth services. Do not cancel! 5. Try not to have your weekly youth services in a big room. Find a room that’s just the right size to give your youth the feeling that the room is...

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Mar 19, 2011

Posted by Jennifer Jones

A Threefold Cord: Covenant Marriage

Ecclesiastes 4:12 ” … if one prevail against him, two shall...

Mar 17, 2011

Posted by Rev. Daniel Autrey

Forget About Sunday School

Don’t get me wrong, I love Sunday School.  It’s a lot of fun and a great way...

Mar 4, 2011

Posted by Brandon Jones

Start Selling DVDs!

As churches in the 21st century venture down the information superhighway,...

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