Aug 29, 2011

Posted by VOM Keynote

Dress for Success

When you look at your pastor’s wife, what do you see? Do you see how...

Aug 6, 2011

Posted by Tiffany Huba

Congress: A Young Ladies Ministry Re...

Tossing and turning, I still can’t find a comfy position on this tour...

May 18, 2011

Posted by Tiffany Huba

Shoebox Prayers

Sometime around 1600-1200 BC, in Mesopotamia, shoes (sandals) were introduced...

May 10, 2011

Posted by Jennifer Jones

A Letter to Young Ladies from God

Dear Daughter, I want to remind you today that you are beautiful.  As you...

Mar 30, 2011

Posted by Tiffany Huba

Living in April

The sound of heavy rain my window pane reminds me that April is almost here....